bathukamma panduga 2013 date

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bathukamma panduga 2013 begins on 5th October(Badhrapada Amavasya) and ends on 13th October(Durgashtami).

there are many religious festivals in our country.Bathukamma is the one of is celebrated throughout world by Telangana Hindus.But people of othere religions also join theme in celebreating it.

Full preparations are made for several days for the celebrations of Bathukamma panduga before the actual day of the fastival. houses and bazaars are decorated. sweet dishes are prepared in all houses on Bathukamma panduga day's.All people put on new clothes, Childrens also put on new clothes and feel vary happy on this day.

Bathukamma panduga is a nine day's long festival. that begins on Badhrapada Amavasya which marks the end of the rainy season(varsha ruthuvu) and Bathukamma starts the next day which marks the begining of the sarath ruthuvu and ends on Durgashtami (sarath ruthuvuand is called as Chaddula Bathukamma.

Bathukamma is prepared using flowers arranged on a big plate in conical form. Normally seven layers of seven different flowers are used for preparing the conical form. The seven flower used are Tangedi, Gunuka, Lotus, Alli, Katla, Teku flowers which are available in this season are used. On top of the conical form a Pumpkin flower is kept.The goddess in the form of turmeric is placed on top of it and worshipped.

The Bathukamma is then immersed in the local ponds and lakes. Before immersion it is a tradition, where are the women in neighborhood bring their Bathukammas and place them at one place evening time and Women and girls stand in a circle and sing songs as they go around the Bathukammas.

The women are dressed in their traditional best.

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